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This wood burned art piece features a solitary woman standing on a dreary peak, gazing out into the distance. The wood grain provides a textured backdrop for the intricate lines and shading of the woman's figure. Her posture is stoic and determined, as if beckoning the viewer to join her in the moment.


Despite the bleakness of the landscape, there is a sense of resilience and strength emanating from the woman's stance. The wood burning technique used to create the piece adds a layer of depth and warmth, making the image feel grounded and organic. The overall effect of the wood burned art piece is one of quiet intensity and perseverance. It is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit and our ability to endure even in the most challenging of circumstances.


Once the woodburning is complete, watercolors are used to add a wash of color to the piece, creating a soft, dreamy effect. After the watercolors have dried, pastels are used to add fine details and shading to the image. The end result is a beautifully layered work of art, with a rich blend of textures, colors, and tones.


Sawtooth attached for easy wall installation allows wood burn art to be hung and displayed conveniently.


Size: 10.25” width x 5” height x 0.75” depth


Price includes US shipping and handling.

Resilience Art, Original Art, Independent Woman Art, Wood Art

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