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The wood burned mixed media art piece depicts a lush and vibrant futuristic world covered in green grass and flowers. The wood burning technique is used to create intricate and precise lines on the wood surface, which provide a natural and rustic background for the mixed media elements.


The world portrayed is one of ecological harmony and balance, where advanced technology and the natural world coexist in a harmonious way. The green grass and flowers are rendered with a mix of watercolor and colored pencil, giving them a vibrant and organic feel that contrasts with the precise lines of the wood burning.


The futuristic elements of the piece are depicted with a sense of sleek modernity, with clean lines and minimalist shapes that suggest a high degree of functionality and efficiency. These elements are rendered in shades of green and turquiose, with hints of pink and purple that blend seamlessly with the natural elements of the piece.


The overall effect of the wood burned mixed media art piece is one of hope and possibility, as the viewer is transported to a world where humanity has found a way to live in harmony with nature and technology.


Sawtooth attached for easy wall installation allows wood burn art to be hung and displayed conveniently.


Size: 5.5” width x 9” height x 0.75” depth


Price includes US shipping and handling.

Futuristic Art, Original Art, Future Art, Wood Art

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