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The wood burned mixed media art piece features a sensual depiction of a woman wearing a red dress, holding apples. The wood burning technique is used to create intricate lines and texture on the reclaimed wood surface, providing a natural and rustic background for the mixed media elements.


The woman is depicted with flowing lines and curves that suggest a sense of sensuality and seduction, while the red dress adds a pop of vibrant color to the piece. The apples are rendered in shades of red, adding a sense of freshness and vitality to the overall composition.


The use of mixed media adds a dynamic and tactile element to the piece, with watercolor and colored pencil adding layers of texture and depth to the wood burned lines. The resulting effect is a captivating work of art that is both visually stunning and engaging to the touch.


This wood burned mixed media art piece would make a bold and alluring addition to any living space or bedroom, adding a touch of sensuality and vitality to the decor. 


Sawtooth attached for easy wall installation allows the wood burned art to be hung and displayed conveniently.


Size is 13” height x 9-1/4” width x 1/2” depth


Price includes US shipping and handling. 

Seductress Art, Original Art, Woman Apples Art, Wood Art

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