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This stunning mixed media artwork features a beautiful arrangement of peonies, done in the iconic Art Nouveau style. The piece is created using a combination of wood burning and watercolor, resulting in a textured and vibrant image. The intricate details of the flowers, including their delicate petals and rich colors, are expertly captured in the artwork. The Art Nouveau influence is evident in the flowing lines and organic shapes that surround the flowers, creating a sense of movement and fluidity. This wood burned mix media art is a breathtaking tribute to the beauty of nature and the power of artistic expression.


A sawtooth hanger is attached for easy wall installation.

US shipping is included in the price of this piece.

Size: 4.75” width x 10.25” height x 0.75” depth

Peonies Art, Original Art, Blooming Peonies Art, Floral Art, Wood Art

Only 1 left in stock
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