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The wooden ring box exudes a rustic charm, adorned with delicate azaleas intricately painted on its surface. The vibrant blossoms, capturing the essence of nature's beauty, dance gracefully against the wood texture. Amidst the floral scene, a small sleeping bee rests, its wings gently folded as if caught in a tranquil slumber. The attention to detail in the artwork showcases the craftsmanship, bringing forth a sense of enchantment and inviting the viewer to imagine the buzzing vitality of the bee amidst the serene floral oasis. The box serves as a whimsical treasure, ready to hold precious rings and imbue special moments with the charm of nature's wonders.


I created this piece by hand sketching the flowers and the sleeping bee on the wood. Then I burned the lines, afterwards apply a watercolor base, overlaid with colored pencils for details.


Size: 4” width x 4” length x 2” height


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Bee Ring Box, Original Art, Wood Decor

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