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The wood burned mixed media art piece depicts an abstract glistening forest at night. The wood burning technique is used to create intricate and precise lines that form an abstract pattern on the wood surface, evoking the texture of tree bark and the movement of forest foliage.


The wood surface is then treated with a material that gives it a glistening effect, creating a sense of moonlit glow and adding to the nocturnal atmosphere of the piece. The abstract forest is rendered in shades of blue and black, with hints of purple adding depth and texture to the image.

The overall effect of the wood burned mixed media art piece is one of mystery and enchantment, as the viewer is drawn into the ethereal landscape of the forest at night. The use of mixed media adds layers of texture and dimension to the piece, making it a captivating work of art that is both tactile and visually stimulating.


This art on reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and adds a rustic charm to the piece, imbuing it with character and sustainability.


Sawtooth attached for easy wall installation allows the wood burned art to be hung and displayed conveniently.


Size: 10” width x 9.75” height x 1.5” depth


Price includes US shipping and handling.

Abstract Tree Art, Original Art, Tree Landscape Art, Wood Art

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