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Little Girl Wall Art, Wall Decor, Original Art


In this wood burned, mixed media artwork, a child's exuberance is captured as they gleefully play in the sprinkler amidst a vibrant garden. The use of mixed media adds a dynamic touch, incorporating elements like watercolor, colored pencils and pastels to enhance the scene's liveliness. The vibrant hues of the garden flowers juxtapose against the cool tones of the water, creating a harmonious blend of colors. Through this artwork, I tried to convey the carefree spirit of childhood and the simple joys found in embracing nature's playful embrace.


I created this piece on live edge basswood, then wood burned the lines, the used watercolors, overlaid with colored pencils and pastels. A sawtooth hanger is attached for easy wall installation.


Size: 9” width x 8” height x 0.75” depth


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Little Girl Wall Art, Wall Decor, Original Art

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