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The artwork features a stunning depiction of a leaf moth resting on a rose, set against a backdrop of sunshine. The image is crafted on a wood canvas, with wood-burning techniques used to create the intricate details of the moth and the rose. The addition of watercolor and colored pencils lends a delicate and vibrant quality to the piece, with shades of green and pink bringing the rose and moth to life. The sunshine in the background is depicted with subtle shades of yellow and gold, creating a warm and inviting glow. The natural texture of the wood adds depth and dimension to the artwork, creating a unique and captivating composition that celebrates the beauty of nature and the skillful use of multiple artistic mediums.


Sawtooth hanger attached for easy wall installation. 

Size: 8.25” wide x 6” high x 0.75” deep

US shipping is included in the cost of this piece.

Glimpse of Beauty Wood Burned Artwork

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