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Playful Adventures

In this enchanting artwork, a vivid scene unfolds, capturing the joyous spirit of childhood. Amidst a serene landscape, a delightful little girl is depicted, her face adorned with a radiant smile. With boundless energy, she splashes about in a small creek that winds its way through the surrounding scenery. I conveyed the exuberance and innocence of youth, evoking a sense of carefree happiness through the playfully captured movement of the girl in this idyllic setting. It's a visual celebration of childhood, inviting the viewer to reminisce and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

I created this piece on birch wood, burned the lines, then used watercolors overlaid with colored pencils and pastels.

Size: 7.5” width x 7.25” height x 0.75” depth

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Playful Adventures

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