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The artwork is a mesmerizing and intricate creation made on a reclaimed wood canvas. I have used wood-burning techniques to create a series of prismatic shapes in shades of purple, teal, and gold. Each shape is precisely burned and carefully arranged, creating an intricate and harmonious design that draws the viewer's attention. The use of reclaimed wood provides a warm and natural backdrop for the colorful shapes, while the addition of watercolor and acrylic paints adds depth and dimension to the piece. The colors blend and flow together, creating an almost hypnotic effect that is both calming and energizing. The overall result is a stunning work of art that is both contemporary and timeless, celebrating the beauty and versatility of natural materials and creative expression.


Sawtooth hanger attached for easy wall installation. 

Size: 12.5” wide x 18” high x 1.5” deep

US shipping is included in the cost of this piece. 

Purple and Teal Prisma on Reclaimed Wood Burned Art

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